L J’s Mobile Detailing

Due to your hectic schedule, you might not have time to drop off your car for auto detailing. Allow us to bring our mobile car detailing to you! With our mobile detailing wash route, keep your car fresh. Without ever leaving your house or place of business, get your car cleaned twice every month! That is correct! We will bring our own electricity and spot-free water. To assist you to find time in your hectic schedule for what really counts, L J’s is now providing customers with mobile car wash and care services. We can assist you with vehicle washes, auto detailing, routine services like oil changes, or bringing your car to the dealership for maintenance so you don’t have to, whether you are a company or a residential client.

Full-Service Mobile Detailing Near You!

Order Now and Pay Later! We service your car at the address you provide, whether you are at home or at work! A thorough mobile detailing service unlike any other, with immediate online booking in under 30 seconds!

Utilize Our Mobile Detailing Service to Save Time

Saving time results in financial savings. Wherever and whenever you need them, our fully-equipped mobile vehicle wash units are available.

Enjoy Excellence in Quality

The specialists at LJ’s Cleaning Solutions are skilled in providing specialized detailing services. They pay close attention to detail and only use delicate microfiber towels and precisely developed chemicals that won’t harm your priceless automobile.

Professional detailing

We have experience. We portray the part by acting and dressing appropriately. We are reliable and sincere. We are skilled and utilize the best goods, tools, and equipment of the highest caliber for your car. Our detailers receive substantial initial training as well as several opportunities for ongoing training to keep learning new things and developing their abilities.

More than Just Shiny and Beyond Clean!

We provide practical solutions for your external and interior attractiveness with our vehicle wash and detailing services. We provide a variety of options, from the straightforward exterior and interior washing to comprehensive inside-out expert detailing. Our personnel is prepared and skilled to remove the required components and swiftly reassemble them. We take great care while waxing and polishing your car, and we guarantee that every surface receives the best care possible. The outside is pressure washed and mechanically polished to restore its lost charm, while the interiors are cleaned utilizing steam cleaning and fabric-safe shampooing.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Have you ever considered skipping those trips to the car wash in favor of having your car washed while you clean your home or even watch a movie? What if you drove a dirty car to work and drove a clean one home? Mobile car detailing from LJ’s Cleaning Solutions makes all of that feasible.

We will come to you to clean your car as long as you live in Arizona, California, Texas, Florida, North Dakota, Indiana, Pennsylvania, or Nevada. Because we are aware that every automobile owner has unique demands, we provide a variety of packages. You can anticipate a thorough car cleaning when you hire LJ’s Cleaning Solutions, which may include things like a full exterior hand wash with wax, interior vacuuming and dusting, interior shampooing and steam cleaning, trunk vacuuming, and shampooing, cleaning and dressing of interior surfaces, cleaning and conditioning of leather, engine shampooing and dressing, headlight restoration, and more.

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