Tricks and Tips for Lawn Care

The summer is the ideal time to display your lush grass! Follow these simple lawn management tips to ensure that your grass is up to par, and you’ll have a gorgeous, lush yard that will make all of your neighbors envious!

1. Avoid weeds before they emerge

Pre-emergent chemicals can be used to get rid of weeds by preventing the sprouting of their seeds. Pre-emergent herbicides are only effective before the weeds have emerged, so there is obviously some forethought required here. Before spring hits, making a routine for lawn care may be quite beneficial.

2. Avoid cutting your grass too short

Too short of a lawn cut might really harm the grass. Ever wondered why cutting your grass too short causes it to develop a yellow-brown color? This is due to the grass utilizing energy that is stored in its roots rather than obtaining it from photosynthesis in the leaf. The conventional guideline is to only ever trim 1/3 of your lawn. Allow a specialist like LJ’s Cleaning Solutions to maintain the ideal height of your lawn all summer long.

3. Water your lawn in the morning

The sun will help the grass dry up, so now is the perfect time to water the lawn. Because there will be continuous dampness from watering at night, illnesses can really be created in the grass. Water is necessary for the roots, but your grass shouldn’t have too extended periods of standing water. You can remember when to water your grass by making a timetable for lawn care.

4. Regularly mowing your yard

Keeping a regular lawn care routine is one of the most crucial aspects of having a healthy lawn. Lawns should be cut quite often while the grass is still growing. A lawn may need to be mowed up to twice a week during the height of growth. Depending on the type of grass in your yard, the length will vary, but 2.5 to 3 inches is typically considered a healthy height.

5. Clear your yard of any rubbish that may be there

Any leaves, pine cones, or twigs fall under this category. They should be removed since they can obstruct sunlight on the lawn, which would harm the developing grass. A neat lawn is simpler to maintain and mow. Enjoying a healthy lawn is a lot simpler! (Of course, kids usually like playing in a pile of leaves.)

6. Give some food to your yard

Apply fertilizer, either liquid or granular, at least once each year. But be careful not to overfeed, since this might lead to fungus issues and poor development. To assist you to determine when and how much to feed your grass, there are several applications and services available. A lawn maintenance calendar can also help you choose when to fertilize your lawn, and if you stick to the schedule for a long, you may determine which fertilizers work best and which ones don’t.

7. Test your soil

Testing your soil may assist you to identify the precise pH level and the number of required nutrients, such as nitrogen, in your soil if there appears to be a true issue. Are a few of these phrases unfamiliar to you? Investigating expert yard maintenance services like LJ’s Cleaning Solutions at this time would be a fantastic idea.

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