Why do you feel better after spring cleaning?

A clean home isn’t the solution for all of life’s issues, but it may make you feel more in charge, calm, and free of continual obligation. The last thing you want to see when you’re worried or sad is a sink full of dirty dishes or toys strewn over the living room. Coming home to a clean and tidy house after a long, hard day can truly lift your mood and help you relax. Spring has always symbolized a fresh start, and if Mother Nature feels it’s time for a new beginning, perhaps this is a message for us to do the same. It’s finally going to happen! Flowers are poking their heads through the earth, and the grass is becoming green.  The times growing longer and therefore the sun shines a touch brighter. It’s spring!

Spring for many of us begins with a yearly ritual: spring cleaning. A chance to declutter and say goodbye to our undesired belongings, as well as to freshen up our living space by being more organized. Spring cleaning, on the other hand, might have unanticipated mental health advantages. Spring cleaning and mental health go hand in hand. Getting rid of dust, grime, and clutter from your surroundings creates a cleaner, more pleasant setting in which you may feel happier and more relaxed.


There’s something about a thorough cleaning and the removal of dust, debris, and clutter that gives you a boost of energy. The best part about spring cleaning – giving old clothing, stacks of books and magazines, and anything else you have hanging around – is that it gives you the chance to start again. Imagine that you’re getting rid of negativity, previous regrets, and anything else that’s giving you mental clutter, even if it’s only physical clutter. ‘Clearing away our garbage’ boosts our self-esteem and transforms our energy, allowing us to be more receptive to change and move ahead.


Deep cleaning is required. If a situation has irritated you, properly cleaning a room in your house might provide you an instant mental lift when you see the end result.


Vacuuming, cleaning, or rearranging furniture, for example, may all be considered forms of exercise. Exercising also benefits your mental health by lowering stress and increasing happy hormones in your brain. Cleaning is a very beneficial kind of exercise since it provides the following benefits:

  • You don’t even have to get out of your house to accomplish it.
  • When you’re finished, you may relax and enjoy your clean home.
  • You’ve got a good reason to avoid the gym for the day.

I like how cleaning makes me look for items I can get rid of quickly. Because throwing something away is sometimes more satisfying than putting it away! The link between a clean home and good mental health is one that the entire family should be concerned about. We all want a cleaner, more organized environment, and less clutter makes us feel more at peace. When you consider the numerous advantages of having a clean house—better physical and mental health, as well as a cleaner, healthier environment—simple it’s to understand how keeping a clean home may help keep minds calm and relationships strong. That’s why spring cleaning isn’t only about getting rid of all the stuff you’ve gathered over the course of the year; it’s also about improving your ideas in unexpected ways!

Lj’s cleaning solutions provides house cleaning services that give your property the attention it deserves to feel fresh and clean. We’ve got the tools and systems in place to get rid of dirt and pathogens. We can provide the high quality of service you require, whether it’s a one-time quick clean or a comprehensive spring cleaning. Lj’s Cleaning Solutions is more than just a cleaning service. We are a complete home solution that gives every room in your house a new lease of life. We employ cutting-edge products and technology to provide the deepest, most thorough spring cleaning available.

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